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LINKS - A work in Progress

As of April 1, 2003, the postings in the Submini-L archive contained 29,353 hypertext links. Deleting duplicates (and eBay links), reduced the number to just over 5000. As each link is checked and verified, it will be posted here.


The SubClub - The origional Internet site for subminiature photgraphers. Still the best. - The phrase "Encyclopedic" doesn't do it justice. A staggering amount of subminiature reference material.

MINOX ONLY (and a little bit more)

Jack's Photo Pages - Minox, Minolta, film slitters, and more.
John's Index pages
- Extensive Minox pages/links from New Zealand. Main Minox page here.
Magnificent Minox - "Celebrating The Genius Of Walter Zapp!"
Marcus Brooks' Subminiature Page - Home of the "Flash made from Fuji disposable camera parts" and the wonderful "Subminiature Camera Cameos".
Minox Historical Society - Home of the Minox Historical Society and the Minox Memo
Minox Madness - Excellent general Minox site. Also available here.


CameraQuest - Camera Dealer of Classic Collectible and Professional Cameras. Includes the very useful "CameraQuest's Classic Camera Profiles"
Covert Camera - Subminiature film processing
Film for Classics - film for users of antique/classic cameras. - Cress Photo. Dealer of flashbulbs of all types.
FotoSharp - FotoSharp Quick Reference Field Guides
Freestyle Photographic Supplies - Choose from our large stock of standard films and papers plus exclusive hard-to-find items. The following policies apply to Internet orders only. Please see your paper catalog for policies that apply to phone, mail, or institutional orders.
Frugal Photgrapher - Canadian dealer of Minox and obscure film formats.
J and C Photography - Distributor of "Old-fashioned films".
Kiev USA - Distributer of the Russian Minolta and Minox "look alikes"
Leica Shop - International dealer of collectible cameras and photographic accessories, including Minox.
Manfred Schmidt - Collectible cameras and Accessories
Mini-Classic Camera Collection - Home page of SHARON. Co-developer on the Minox Classic series of miniatures.(in Japanese)
MS Hobbies - "Since 1969 MS Hobbies has specialized in new / cherished Minox cameras and accessories. We also offer Leica equipment, Binoculars, 8X11 Films, 8X11 Dep. service, Photographic books, and much more".
Plattsburgh Photographic Services - Supporting 8mm & Super 8mm Filmmaking
Rockey Mountain Film Laboratory - developer of antique, esoteric, vintage, outdated and old film.
Ron Schwarz - The elusive Size K Battery for sale HERE.
Söders Fotoservice - Hornsgatan 32, SE - 118 20 Stockholm, Sweden. Subminiature Cameras, 110, 126, Disc Cameras, 35 mm Compact Cameras, and more


APEC: The Amateur Photographic Exchange Club -- "The world's only (as far was we know) stereo photography (3d photography) trading club".
C.I.A. Museum - On-Line museum of the Central Intelligence Agency. Minox page here.


Dennis Hallgren - w/Minox, 16 mm, Half frame & Other submini Galleries.
Gary Davis - Personal Page
Little Minox Gallery - Personal Minox Gallery by James Jones.
Mark Hahn's Photographic Pages
- Minox, Pinhole, Kiev, Toy Cameras, 35mm, and more.
Personal web site w/ Minox Gallery -
Pixel Pete's - Includes Minox Gallery.
Rick's Page - Personal page w/various submini content (Minox, Pentax 110, Digital).
Robert Sachs - gallery of Minox photos
Steven H. Miller
- Gallery of subminiature mages
Wonko's Web Pages - Home page of the V.P. of the Minox Historical Society.


"PAWs (Picture of the Week, 2002 ) for the Street Photo group" - Beautiful portfolios. Includes Minox gallery.

(May include Personal Pages)

8mm Film Format Metadirectory - Link page for 8mm and small format film makers.
Antique and Classic Camera Web Site
Classic Cameras - For collectors and users of old cameras
Collecting Photographica - Containing Minox and Subminiature information
Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection
- Features extensive list of Kodak 110 cameras
Living Image Vintage Camera Museum
Olympus XA FAQ - Olympus XA FAQ
Plastic Cameras - Information on various plastic cameras
SkySurferMegaPenCam - PenCam in the air.
Vintage Camera Manuals - Agfa, Aires through Weston and Yashica


Early Sony prototype - Tiny digicam / 26 July 2000
Inventions of Latvia - has a Minox page here
Timeline - presenting the major photographic print processes used during the 19th Century


A New Slitter Design - by Ron Pedelty
Paul - w/Gallery and information on Carbon-Pigment Printing Process


DMOZ - Open Directory Project / Arts: Photography: Cameras: Subminiature
Russian site - w/ Minox photos
Submini WebRing - Home of the Subminiature Photography Web Ring












The contents of this archive, have been taken from the running conversations of Submini-L participants, from the years 1996 to the present. Please keep in mind, that they are presented largely unedited. Because these posts often represent the opinion of the speaker, the accuracy of the posts cannot be guaranteed.
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