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The Technical (and not so technical*) selected archives of

The Subminiature Photography Mailing List
1996 - 2003

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* An Important reminder:

The contents of this archive, have been taken from the running conversations of Submini-L participants, from the years 1996 to the present. Please keep in mind, that they are presented largely unedited. Because these posts often represent the opinion of the speaker, the accuracy of the posts cannot be guaranteed. Inaccuracies do exist.

That said, the Submini-L discussions represent the opinions of some of the finest subminiature photographers on the Internet. I do hope you enjoy the archive.


P.S. I would invite everyone interested in the best scholarly research in the field of Subminiature Photography, to visit these sites:

The SubClub. The web's premier Subminiature Photography site.

Martain Tai's Minox FAQ Variations in subminiature cameras.


Last updated July 5, 2003