"The camera you never leave behind."

-- Vintage Minox Ad

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Welcome to the
Minox Historical

The Minox Historical Society,
in association with

is pleased to announce the forming of the

Submini Photo Gallery

The Submini Photo Gallery is a monthly exhibition of photographs made with subminiature film cameras ... cameras like the Minolta 16, Minox 8x11, GaMi-16, Tessina, Stylophot as well as half-frame 35mm and APS cameras ... submitted by the subscribers to the Submini-L mailing list and the Minox Historical Society.

Submissions to the Submini Photo Gallery are open to all subscribers of the Submini-L mailing list and members of the Minox Historical Society. If you would like more information about or would like to join either of these groups, see their respective home pages:

SUBMINI-L: Subminiature Photography Mailing List

The Minox Historical Society.

The Submini Photo Gallery is located at:


The Minox Gallery is located at:



THE 2010 MHS
Photography Competition

The Executive Committee announces four
2010 MHS Photography Contests.

Visit the MHS Blog
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Visit the Blog to see the latest
information and entries*

THE 2010 MHS
Photography Competition

See the blog for the 2010 winners!

The Minox Memo Classic
A 16 year History


The original Minox Memo, published by The Minox Processing Laboratories, from 1956 to 1972, is now online!


16 Years of Classic Minox Memo
will be soon be available as
PDF downloads!

(They look great on the iPhone too!)
And did we mention they are free for Members?

Volume 1&2 are now available!
on the Member Download page

THE 2008-09 MHS
'Get That Minox out of the Drawer; It's a Camera, not a Dust Collector'
Photography Contest

The results are in!!

Photo by Michael Van Buskirk

Be sure to read.....

A Juror's Statement

And the Winners are:

Best of Show

007 - "Spy" Photos

Technical Merit


Still Life / Landscape


Photo by Robert FE Jones

See all the entries HERE

Click here for more information.

The Rules are posted here

See the 2006 Winners

See the 2005 Winners

See the 2004 Winners

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The New "Minox Memo" is available for members!
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Be sure to see the prize-winning photos in the 2006-07 Minox Historical Society "Get That Minox out of the Drawer; Itís a Camera, not a Dust Collector" contest.

Pete Zimmerman
President, Minox Historical Society



Minox Historical Society
in association with Submini.org,
is pleased to announce
the new gallery site:


Be sure to visit the Gallery today!


Like a hard copy of the Classic Memo?
Check out the


today at:


April 20, 2001


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